Development of the construction project “Reconstruction of Zirņu Street – Ganību Street and Construction of a Connection to Zemnieku Street (Southern Connection to the Port of Liepāja)”

Projekta galvenā bilde

Client: Liepāja City Council

Project completion period: 2009–2013

Project description: SIA Firma L4 carried out development of the construction project and field supervision of the reconstruction of 8.6 km of roads on Ganību Street, Zirņu Street, Parka Street and Tirgus Street in Liepāja, as well as planning the construction of a new section of road between the New Bridge and Zemnieku Street, as well as the reconstruction of the New Bridge. Under the auspices of the construction project, solutions were developed for construction of a section of road, construction of infrastructure underground and above ground, territorial landscaping and implementation of noise reduction measures.