Development of a construction project “Construction of a rainwater collection and drainage system in Bauska”

Projekta galvenā bilde

Client: Bauska District Council

Project completion period: 2012–2014

Project description: under the auspices of the project, drainage ditches were built and culverts were replaced on Kareivju Street, Miera Street, Kraujas Street, Liepu Street, Pilskalna Street, Strēlnieku Street, Zemgaļu Street, and Sporta Street in the town of Bauska. Rainwater sewerage collectors (OD250–OD500) with a total length of 2,657.5 m were built and an oil product separator with a purification capacity of Q=100l/s was installed, in addition to which a solution was developed for the release of the purified water into the River Mūsa.