Reconstruction of Roņu Street in Liepāja (stage 1)

Projekta galvenā bilde

Client: Administration of Liepāja Municipality

Project completion period: 2020.-2021.

Project description: In Liepāja, construction works were carried out in the section of Roņu Street from Uliha Street to Zvejnieku Alley, where the construction project was carried out by Firma L4. The construction project follows the solutions, instructions, and design guidelines of the thematic planning “Liepāja City Beach and Coastal Development”. The municipal improvement of the facility is divided into two functional areas – the reconstruction area of Roņu Street (in the section from Uliha Street to Zvejnieku Alley, including the parking lot in front of House of Culture “Kursa”) and the construction of the Roņu Street exit to the beach in the dune area, which includes the “Beach Gate”, “Liedaga gate” and Liedaga promenade solutions. Toilets have been built in the beach area, with access for people with mobility impairments.