Expert examination and construction supervision of the construction project “Construction of a Modular Extension of the Baloži Secondary School and Reconstruction of the Sports Field”

Projekta galvenā bilde

Client: Ķekava Municipality

Project completion period: 2021.-2022.

Project description: The pupils and teachers of Baloži Secondary School had the opportunity to start the new academic year in a brand-new school, because the new building and sports stadium of the Baloži Secondary School was opened on 30 August 2022, the construction of which began in 2021. The new building is built as a modular structure, which allowed reducing the duration of construction work on the building frame on the construction site, ensuring high energy efficiency and quality. Solar panels are installed on the building, which allows you to save energy costs. The building's heating energy efficiency corresponds to an almost zero-energy building. A modern stadium has been built within the framework of the project. It contains a soccer field with artificial turf, as well as an exercise equipment area and a basketball court. As reported by the Ķekava County Council, 280 new pupils were given the opportunity to start their studies by building 12 classrooms. The new classrooms are equipped with various modern learning technologies. Large interactive displays have been installed in the new classrooms, which can also be used as a blackboard, on which writing is done with a liquid crystal marker. Technologies ensure simultaneous activities of several pupils in interactive mode, as well as good visibility. The set includes a document camera for each display, with the help of which you can transfer images, text from textbooks and notebooks to the big screen. The total cost is 9 million euros.