Supervision of construction works for the reconstruction of the Abava bridge, road P120 Talsi – Stende – Kuldīga 33.18 km

Projekta galvenā bilde

Client: SJSC Latvian State Roads

Project completion period: 2018.

Project description: The bridge over the Abava river in Renda was built in 1938, and since then, during the following 80 years, it has not had significant repairs, until 2018, when in less than a year, the bridge reconstruction works were carried out, after which the bridge became safer and increased its durability. Within the framework of the construction works, the bridge girders were strengthened, a new carriageway structure was built for the bridge, the waterproofing and covering, as well as embankment reinforcements were renewed. The bridge received new lighting and pavement. Security barriers were also installed. After the reconstruction, the bridge has become almost a metre wider – now it is 62.5 m long and the width of the carriageway is 7 m. Thanks to the excellent work organization and favourable weather conditions for the construction works, all scope of works for the reconstruction of the Abava bridge was carried out exactly within the planned deadlines. On its 80th anniversary, the bridge received a fantastic gift – a complete reconstruction!