Restoration and reconstruction of Mrs. Hoijer’s guest house into a museum building in Kungu Quarter, Liepāja

Projekta galvenā bilde

Client: Liepāja Municipality

Project completion period: 2019.-2021.

Project description: After completing all the restoration and construction works at Mrs. Hoijer's guest house, on 30 July, the State Construction Control Bureau put the building at 24 Kungu Street, Liepāja into operation. The works under the supervision of the construction supervisors of Firma L4 were carried out in accordance with a developed programme of restoration works, having previously carried out an archaeological analysis, marking the places of historical paintings and performing other works to preserve the historical evidence of the building as much as possible. In the competition “Latvian Construction of the Year Award 2021”, Ms. Hoijer's guest house won the 1st place in the nomination “Restoration”.