New open-air stage at Jūras Street 3A, Carnikava

Projekta galvenā bilde

Client: Carnikava Municipality

Project completion period: 2016. – 2017.

Project description: Within the framework of the contract, a construction project for the construction of the Carnikava covered open-air stage at Jūras Street 3A, Carnikava, Carnikava County, was developed in the period from 2016 to 2017. The stage compositionally and stylistically fits into the existing landscape of the park, its building volume consists of two compositionally related volumes. The function of the largest volume is to cover the stage with the roof and side planes, while the smaller one is to ensure the operation of dressing rooms and technical rooms. The building volume is mainly solved as wooden structures and wood finishing in the above-ground parts and as reinforced concrete structures in the parts of the foundations and supporting walls. The materials used are in accordance with the environment, as well as with today's aesthetic and technical requirements. The open-air stage is intended for multifunctional and universal use of cultural and entertainment events, its additional function is a park pavilion for everyday use. By implementing this intention, the county will have the opportunity to expand the range of events by organizing various types of open-air concerts, performances, and the most important annual cultural events of the county.