Construction of the Ogre Central Library

Projekta galvenā bilde

Client: Ogre Municipality

Project completion period: 2020.-2021.

Project description: The Ogre Central Library was built with the technology of glued wood structures, which ranks it as one of the first public buildings built with this method in Latvia. The two-story building is a so-called passive building, i.e., a building with zero energy consumption. It is built from CLT and GLT wooden structures. The load-bearing structures of the building are made of glued solid wood panels that glued crosswise and longitudinally, thus obtaining the high structural strength and stability required for the load-bearing structures. The project of the building was developed on the building information model, i.e., BIM platform, which provided an opportunity to monitor the quality, compliance, and development of the project implementation, including compliance with deadlines. Firma L4 performed expert examination and construction supervision of the construction project within the framework of the project. The library serves as a multifunctional cultural education centre, which houses the library and the registry office. The Ogre Central Library won the GRAND PRIX in the competition "Latvian Construction of the Year Award 2021".